California 2014 – Family Pictures

September 24, 2014
Finally, the day before we left California to go home, we got up early in the morning and got ready for family pictures. Andrew’s sister, Kara (our photographer), suggested a good place for photos on the coast in Encinitas and so that’s where we went, and it. was. perfect.
    IMG_6226 edit01
IMG_6227 edit01
IMG_6234 edit02
Of course, we followed the family photo rule, which is “At least one person must NOT be paying attention when a picture is taken.”
IMG_6281 edit01
IMG_6301 IMG_6307
*sigh* Oh well. All you really need are one or two really good ones, right?
IMG_6224 edit04    IMG_6314 edit02
Honorable mentions:
IMG_6284 edit02
IMG_6245 edit01
And that concludes our trip to California this summer! Even though Andrew was gone for an ENTIRE WEEK on a hiking/camping trip with his dad and brother, we muddled through, somehow.
And when he came back, we had a great time at the beach, at the pool, and just spending time together as a family.
Thanks Grammy and Opa for taking care of us for an entire two weeks and helping us make memories that our family can have for forever! We love you!
Photo cred: Kara Stange (thanks, sis!)
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