Woot woot! Weekend!

November 2, 2012
This week has been cray cray, but it's finally the weekend, and you know what that means... Time for weekend plans and another outfit, but first here's what's new with Chelsea:

This week, Chelsea:
  • Practically mastered sitting up and is getting better at playing by herself.
  • Working on that toothy grin.
  • Getting stinkier and stinkier. I knew this would happen once we started solids, but man oh man!
  • Experienced her first Halloween!
  • Loves Chocolate.
  • Gradually moving from 3-6 month clothing to 6-9.

In summary, Chelsea is growing up!
So, I think my subconscious is telling me that I should live somewhere warm because all I want to create are outfits for the spring. But I'll throw in some "cooler" accessories and a leather jacket to make it apply to fall.

gray texture

So! Plans for this weekend!

1. AIR FRESHENER! Seriously, Chelsea is STAN-KY!
2. Seriously consider re-designing my blog. What's your opinion? Do you like this background or should I try something new?
3. Start working on my next HUGE project! I'm going to make a dress shirt! Wish me luck!
4. Go out and take some photos of my latest projects, including what I call my J-Lo dress. Look for it this week!
5. Ponder over the meaning of life and air conditioning.
6. Attempt (yet again) to get a hold of the landlord. I have this thing with water pipes freezing, cracking, and costing a CHUNK-LOAD of money... It's just a thing.
7. Clean my house... again. "Sometimes I feel like the maid. I just cleaned up this mess! Can we keep it clean for 10 minutes?"
8. Watch "The Incredibles"
9. Spend some quality time with my good friend Pinterest. It's been a while.
10. Call up Leanne to try some new food and hairstyles!

*Note: Number 5 is only if I finish pondering the meaning of notepads early.


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