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November 16, 2012
Friday Fashion! Like I said, Polyvore is fun because it's like shopping, but you find everything you need for a perfect outfit in one store and you don't have to pay anything! Of course, you also don't get to take anything home, either... Oh well!
I'm liking the nautical today, but I've gotta have my little POP of color.

Nautical with a POP

LOVE that high-waisted pants are coming back in to style and I seriously would love to have some shoes like those, except I'm not a huge fan of heels. Maybe once in a while would be fun, though...

This week has been CRAY CRAY! Normally I'm a "start one project and work like a madman until it's done" kind of gal, but I decided to try a different route this time. I tried to be a "come up with at least four different projects and work on them all at the same time" gal and let me tell you, I prefer the former!
I decided to work on a dress shirt (INSANELY hard, by-the-way), a crib set (intricate, but so worth it), and a little somethin' somethin' for the little one (not telling you what it is yet!) all at once and my little craft/storage room is a MESS! My rotary cutter, tape measure, and scrap pieces of fabric are scattered Harry scary all over the floor along with baby toys and thread lying Willy nilly with them! Not to mention the rest of my house went to trash. Okay, it hasn't been THAT bad, but I'm a pretty tidy person and... Let's just say I NEVER want to do that again! Hopefully I can get all these projects cleaned up and done soon!
On the brighter side, I'm really excited with how my projects have/are turning out! The only one I actually finished was the crib set. Get ready Freddy for some pictures!

 One thing I would have done differently was to sew the circles on BEFORE I sewed the huge long tube together. Would have saved a LOT of time!

This crib set was SO much fun to make and, as is usual with most of my projects, I had to get creative because I decided I didn't want to buy more fabric. Originally the inside was going to be minky fabric, but have you SEEN the price tag on that stuff? Re-di-q-lus! So, without going into a ton of detail, I managed to come up with matchy fabric from the leftovers of the other fabric I already had cut out and ended up with a 2x5" piece of that brown, striped fabric. Seriously. 2x5" was all I had left. Crazy, huh? Allow me my "I'm feeling cool" moment. I think we all deserve those every once in a while... *sigh*... Happy Friday everyone!

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