I broke the most important rule!

November 7, 2012
I completely forgot the tune for yesterday's post! I was just so excited for my J-Lo dress that I spaced it! Whoops!

Get ready for ear heaven and harmony bliss!

LOVE Mike Tompkins.

I've heard it said
When you become a mom
You start to go crazy
And your memory is gone!

Well, to this I must say
There's a bit of truth.
With every new hair
And every new tooth

I seem to forget
Even the simplest things.
The keys are in the cupboard,
The mail's in the sink!

Alright, I admit,
It's not that bad.
It's more like forgetting
To say happy birthday to Dad!

I'm sorry, Dad! Hope you had a fantastic birthday anyway, and thanks for teaching me how to work hard and blessing me with your fantastic poem-creating genes... Oh, and the other genes... You know, like my nose... I'm grateful for my nose, too.

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