Oh what a beautiful MOOOOORNIN'!

November 8, 2012
WOW what a morning! 1. It's snowing like crazy outside, 2. I'm already dressed and ready for the day, 3. Chelsea was super good for her fandidilytastic babysitter this morning (thanks so much Mari!), 4. I've already been grocery shopping today (believe it or not, grocery stores can be busy at 8:30 AM) 5. I just opened a couple new items in my Etsy shop and 6. I just participated in my first ever boutique! After setting up my wares among the cornucopia of colorful skirts, hand-made jewelry, and knitted owl baby beanies, I have to admit, I feel slightly less crafty! Not that I feel like I can't do crafts. It's more like I've realized that I've got a looooong way to go before I'm at the same calibur as some of these ladies! One thing I can say is that amongst the big bows, headbands, and hair clip picture frame... things, I did not see one item like my own! They were totally unique. Hopefully that helps them stand out and sell because that would be great! If you're in the Bountiful, Utah area, go ahead and check it out!

Truly Scrumptious Winter Boutique
668 West 3400 South, Bountiful UT
November 9th & 10th
8 AM to 8 PM

And because we all love pictures...
That was me practicing for my table last night. Recognize any items.
And yes... That is in fact cardboard that I used for my picture "frames." Can I have points for last-minute creativity?

And here's what my "table" actually looks like at the boutique! More like two inches of a table...

SO! My plans for the weekend include...
1. Finish crib set sheet for Joyce's baby.
2. Attend Emily's baby shower (woo hoo!)
3. Make some more headway on dress shirt
4. Rake in the dough from the boutique and on Etsy!
5. Tidy up mi casa
6. Be thuper duper exthited about next week's post!

Thneak peak!
You Whoooo! I see you!

Any similar plans from my rocktastic ladies and gents?

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