Mama Proud Monday

November 19, 2012
Good morning friends! Remember last week when I talked about how Chelsea has been growling a lot lately? Well, I got camera happy and shot this:

I also shot this. Like I said, I got camera happy. Sorry her head is nearly chopped off the whole time.

Here are a couple more things I forgot to mention about Chelsea's development from Monday.

Likes seeing snapping fingers and hands rubbing together
Blinks when you clap your hands, but smiles
Shows her relief in a smile and laugh every time she sneezes
Sleeps throughout the entire night, only waking up at around 3 AM to eat (which is a habit I would LOVE to break!)
For some reason gets the giggles when she lies down on Mommy and Daddy's bed and looks at the ceiling
Gets really tired from shots. She slept in until 9:00 AM the morning after those nasty, but necessary 6-month shots
Is getting soooo close to saying da-da. She's learned how to stick her tongue out and move her mouth open and closed. Now she just needs to add noise!
Loves her blankie and touching anything else that is soft

Isn't she the cutest thing? Every week she learns something new and I can't believe she's growing so fast! I love my little Chelsea!


  1. I can't watch the videos here at work, but she is so cute! I wanted to also let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Woot!



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