January 22, 2010

November 18, 2012
Sadly, I got out of the habit of writing in my journal after January 2, 2010, but here's what I remember.

Andrew went back to BYU-I a few days later, and we both started school. We kept in contact after that meeting, but I still felt like I didn't want a long-distance relationship so we kept it to phone calls.
I made a few new friends at BYU and thought there might be a couple of prospective guys, but still none of them I found as interesting (or handsome for that matter!) as Andrew. The nights we would talk (which was practically every night), we would discuss our days, the interesting and mundane.
A few weeks after the beginning of school, Andrew came back to visit me. It was another joyous reunion, even if the reunion had to be in Provo, UT (it sucks to drive in Utah Valley, by-the-way), which is why we decided to get away to Andrew's grandparents in Salt Lake, but only after going to a BYU basketball game and dinner at Macaroni grill with Andrew's friend, Travis and his date, my friend, Jasmine. For the rest of the weekend, we just spent time together and took a trip to temple square in Salt Lake.
When Andrew left, we were not happy. Our goodbye was long and laborious and when he finally got in the car and drove away, I didn't leave the parking lot. Cheesy, I know, but I guess I'll admit, I've always been dramatic about goodbyes. I'm pretty sure it was just a day or two later that Andrew and I got on the phone and I finally decided that we would try long-distance. The funny part is that the very next day was when I finally got asked on a date by a guy in my ward. Of course I said no. Ironic?

Here's a picture of us at the Joseph Smith Building. Sorry it's not a very good one! My camera at the time sucked.

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