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June 20, 2018

It's embarrassing how late this post is. We went on this trip back in February and I'm just NOW posting about it? Ahhh-well... as they say, better late than never!

We went to Florida to visit Andrew's Grandparents who have a condo in Key West. It was EXACTLY the kind of trip we needed to get out of the cold in Utah and just be warm for a few days, and even though our flights were in the middle of the night, the kids did pretty well! Except the part when Barrett threw up on the flight home, but the entire back row of the plane was vacant, so the attendants let us lay out there and get in a nap, so...

We ate SO MUCH sea food, more than I have in my life. Literally. I never liked seafood until Florida. I don't know if it was the freshness of the fish or just that they're from the Atlantic, but they don't taste so fishy there. The first night, we went out to eat at this restaurant that had a giant sea pool in the middle that you could sometimes see sharks in. Unfortunately, none made an appearance for us that night, but we did see a lot of giant Tarpin!

The next day, we headed a little further south to the Theater of the Sea where we rode on a little boat right alongside a couple of dolphins! And it was a happy coincidence that we came on Sherman's birthday and Chelsea got a birthday kiss from the birthday boy himself!

And his friend wanted in on some of the action, too!

Getting a kiss from a Dolphin has been a dream of mine since before I can remember, so even though I didn't get to experience that, it was super cool to see Chelsea.

We also got the really neat experience of kayaking on the ocean through some mangroves and seeing some of the wildlife as we went. Other than Barrett pooping MASSIVELY right at the start, it was pretty awesome. Actually, the pooping wasn't that big a deal either, so it was just plain 'ol awesome.

not sure, but he might have already been sitting in something at this point...oops.

he was MUCH happier later after we figured out the poopy situation. 

Our last day there, we drove through the Everglades and saw probably about a hundred alligators. We tried to keep track, but lost count after 20. We even saw some baby ones, but the giant ones were the coolest!

And let's not forget the time spent with Grandma and Grandpa! My kids LOVED being with Grandma Johanna, especially for the dog walks. She pointed out birds and fish to them and made sure that they always had something fun to do or play with. And riding on Grandpa's lap up and down on his chair lift was definitely a highlight! We count ourselves pretty lucky to have had this time to spend with Andrew's grandparents who we don't get to see very often, and Johanna (Grandma) deserves a medal for being the hostess with the mostest (patience and love and generosity and kindness).

Shortly before our vacation, Florida had been hit with a huge storm, and there were definitely signs of it. It made me sad to see, but didn't ruin the trip. Being able to walk right to the dock/marina/beach and search for shells made for an easy excuse to get the kiddos outside, and did I mention how warm and sunny and warm it was?

Chelsea's favorite: The Dolphins at Theater of the Sea
Alexa's favorite: The Alligators
Barrett's favorite: Feeding the fish in the pond by the condo
Andrew's favorite: Everything + watching the Super Bowl with Grandpa
My favorite: Kayaking through the mangroves and Alexa falling asleep on the bench at the restaurant

And if you've been following me on instagram, you remember the story of how I saved the Croc.


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