California Vacation 2016 | Part I Beach

October 7, 2016

You guys... Our trip to California couldn't have been more perfect! It was exactly what our family needed to escape real-life for a little while and just enjoy each other and spend time with Grammy and Opa too, of course!

I think I could have spent every day at the beach with my little crew! The girls loved playing in the sand and Barrett was entranced by the ocean! It was so blue and warm and just perfect! The end of August or the beginning of September is the BEST time of year to visit Southern California because the weather and water are so perfect!

And I was finally able to get some photos of the suit I made for myself over the summer! It is my absolute favorite suit of all time because it fits just right, is such a lovely color, and I don't have to worry about anything showing by mistake! No fuss, no muss. I love it.

And I can't go without praising the girl's suits from Olivia and Ocean! An entire summer of use in salt water, lake water, and chlorine and they STILL retain their stretch, shape, and color. Amazing. They've just launched a line of boy's swimmers, too! Same quality fabric and vibrant color!

The first day we went, Andrew stayed home with Opa to work on a car while the ladies (Grammy, Aunt Kara, and I) took the kiddos. On another day, Andrew and I took the kiddies ourselves. Both times were wonderful. It is so easy to take the kids because the girls just play in the sand the whole time so we just have to worry about Barrett eating sand!

I loved watching Andrew build this little wall while Chelsea selected rocks to decorate it with. He is such a fun dad!

Once, Chelsea even went out with him to test the ocean! She trusts her daddy!

Oh how I miss the ocean! There's not a lot I love more than swimming out and floating with the waves! Every now and then I'll talk about my affinity for mermaids on here, and the feeling I get when I'm out there bobbing up and down with the waves is why.

Speaking of, I did a shoot a while back with two of my favorite people in the world, Amanda Conley and Lauren Gardner that I am SO excited about!

Click here for a BTS video of our day!

What do you think? I cannot WAIT to see the rest!

I'll post part two of our family vacation soon! Until then, keep it real!

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