Chelseaisms - August 2015

August 10, 2015

One morning when Chelsea was sleeping in bed with me and Andrew (she's been crawling into our bed every night/morning for the past week or so), she suddenly said, "That car has a cutie mark!"

Andrew had to take our "new" car to get smogged and check the emissions and he took Chelsea with him. Her car seat sits higher in this car than it does in our regular car so she could see the road more easily, plus the car is a bit noisier (imagine creaks and groans) than the regular car, so when Andrew started going on the freeway, Chelsea got really worried and said to Andrew, "Daddy, don't go too fast." After reassuring her that they would be okay, Chelsea asserted, "I don't think this is very safe."

At the mechanics where Chelsea and Andrew went for the smog and emissions test, they had some candy. Chelsea grabbed a sucker for herself and a second to bring home to me *so sweet!* By the time they got back in the car, Chelsea had eaten her sucker and was internally struggling with a moral dilemma. Andrew could hear her say "Chelsea eat it, or give it to Mommy? Chelsea eat it, or give it to Mommy?" About two or three minutes of this, Andrew looked back and saw that Chelsea had removed the wrapper from the sucker and was still asking herself "Chelsea eat it, or give it to Mommy? Chelsea eat it, or give it to Mommy?" A couple of more minutes of this and finally, Chelsea can't handle it anymore. "CHELSEA EAT IT!" #diedlaughing

This interview with Chelsea:

Chelsea has been really sensitive to the fact that I have a baby in my tummy. Sometimes she starts to rough house a little, but if I remind her of the baby, she stops, lifts up my shirt and gives the baby a kiss.

When we ask her if she wants a baby brother or a baby sister next, she says she wants a baby brother and she wants to name him Jack. We'll find out if we're expecting a boy or a girl next week!

We went and visited my parents a couple of weeks ago for a few days and both girls just love the swings! And the slide for that matter! It was totally adorable to see Chelsea push Alexa in the swing then hold her and slide down the slide with her.

Chelsea still has her... less than perfect moments. She throws quite a few tantrums (mostly about food and playing the games she wants RIGHT when she wants to), but I'll tell you what, Chelsea as a 3-year old is WAY better than Chelsea as a 2-year old!

She still runs circles around me, tires me out quicker than a pit stop crew (bahaha!), and has the strongest will of any child EVER, but I love every bit of her and know that some day, that strength will make her the leader that she needs to be in this family and with her peers. We love you, Chelsea!

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