Guest Post: Kallie from Life Through a Lens

February 10, 2015
Good morning everyone! I am really excited to introduce you to Kallie today, espeically because she is sharing an easy, yummy recipe for Valentine's day!

I met Kallie a little while ago via the blogo-sphere and was completely charmed by her sweetness and bright, sunny personality, two attributes that shine through her writing on her blog. Just keep reading and you'll see what I mean.


Hello ladies! Isn't Sue amazing? I totally love her blog but, then again, who doesn't? I am beyond thrilled to be guest posting on here today! Wahoo! My name? It's Kallie. My blog name? Life Through a lens. I'm not your average blogger. Most of you are young moms, and I am far from that. I'm a Sophomore in High School. Yep, you read right, I go to school everyday from 7:30 till 2:25. "Why did you start a blog?", you ask. Let me tell ya,  I started my blog only a few months ago, I wanted to be able to share my hobbies with others. I then fell in love with the blogging community, which was bound to happen, it is pretty amazing.

Wanna know somethin' about me? I love Valentines Day! I love everything about it! The decorations, the fun colors, the whole point of the holiday (love), and of course the treats! I mean seriously, Pinterest is a bad idea for me this time of the year. I want to make everything that has a heart on it or is red and pink. It's a bad addiction. Welll, this leads me into the point of this whole post. I made a similar yogurt parfait over on my blog and thought I would share this with all of you! Plus, it is super cute and, who doesn't love cute things?


All you need for this lovely dessert is...

Strawberry yogurt
Whipped Cream

I used a medicine syringe to put the yogurt in the cup. Let me tell ya, don't try using a spoon, it doesn't work, trust me! Ha!

Top with whip cream!

That's it! A super yummy and way cute Valentine's Day dessert!


Like mentioned before, I love "the day of love"! Want more fun ideas? Other yummy treats? Maybe even outfit ideas? Check out my blog! I also have some pretty cute pics of my friends holding a way cute DIY V-Day Banner, yep it's pretty perfect, if you ask me!

I made these yummy cupcakes a few weeks ago, which are perfect for this holiday! Check it know you want too;)

Hope to see you all over on Life Through a Lens soon!

Happy Love Day!


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