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January 21, 2015
So, my friend Mariasha texted me last week on Thursday and said, “Hey, I’m taking this photography class and I need practice. Can I take pictures of you?”
“Oh, well if you insist…”
Mariasha came to my house, styled my hair and did my makeup, and helped me pose just perfectly for the photos.
Only hours later, she sent me these:
P1170509 P1170525
There are SO many things I love about this shoot. 1) That it took place in my own home – lazy dayzzz, right? 2) Mariasha is not only a photographer, but a cosmetologist as well and knows how to emphasize/bring out your strengths 3) she has GREAT style, fashion-wise and photography-wise 4) she’s fun to be around and easy to chat with 5) knows how to make you look and feel truly beautiful. Seriously. She is so talented.
Vision, creativity, natural instinct, and when it comes to making someone look and feel beautiful. “You make me feel like a natural woman…” No?
Thanks so much for making my Saturday a little more exciting than just our regular trip to Costco (although that is pretty tough to top).
If you’re in the Davis county/Utah Valley area and need a photographer, be sure to look Mariasha up! Click here to view her website.
By-the way, I took my two-year-old to a little gym where I will *hopefully* be registering her for gymnastics soon. She wasn’t too happy about not being able to slide down the slide or jump on the mats just yet and whacked me over the head in front of a couple of pitying mothers.
We are also considering purchasing a pet to help keep Chelsea occupied/entertained while I have some productive time (I blame you, Dougals!) Andrew wants a cat, I want a dog. Well, to be honest, I really don’t want either, but I think a dog would be more fun, loving, useful, etc. etc. Your thoughts?
P1170600^^she even got this guy to take a picture with me. she is good.^^


  1. you are so gorgeous, and i love the style of your friend's photography!

  2. You look stunning! I love your outfit, hair, and makeup! So I love the whole thing!

  3. prettiest!! also your hair is so on point!! how did you get those perfect curls?! i'm always striving for that but most often failing. haha.


    1. I've gotta hand it to Mariasha! I told her to make a YouTube tutorial and she said she'd work on it, but here are some quick directions to help you get started:

      1. Wash hair (I didn't use any conditioner because I was going for a messier look).
      2. Use old T-shirt instead of towel to dry hair when you step out of shower (I've learned that towels make your hair friz when scrunching up hair and drying).
      *Do NOT at any point run a brush or comb through your hair
      3. Run a small amount of mousse through your locks (I just used the most basic Suave brand and only a tiny, tiny bit, mainly through the bottom half of my hair).
      4. Use a hair dryer to dry the roots of your hair and top of your head and let the bottom half of your hair air dry (using the hair dryer at the top will help increase volume)
      5. Use a curling rod (I actually transformed my curling iron into a curling rod by removing the "kickstand" and it has worked great for me!) to curl random sections of your hair in different directions with no particular order. Use some hairspray to secure curls.

      Additional note:
      When curling my hair, Mariasha parted my hair on the opposite side of my head and let it lie there for a while so that it would give my hair a little more height when I flipped it back to the right side. She did the same with my bangs.

      So there's a quick rundown! I'll let you know (via a blog post) when Mariasha makes her YouTube tutorial!

  4. You look absolutely beautiful! Your friend Mariasha did an amazing job. I love her style! When we move to Utah this year we will definitely be looking her up.

  5. You are gorgeous! The best people photographers are the ones who make you feel comfortable and capture that feeling. Looks like Mariasha did a wonderful job of it! :)

    <3 Kelsea | Kels Shark

  6. Oh my gorgeous! Simply stunning!

    Are you registering her at The Little Gym? I teach at The Little Gym of Cottonwood Heights! Such a fun place for little kiddies!

    1. We live up a little further north from Cottonwood, so it would be a bit of a drive! That's awesome that you work there, though! I think that would be a SUPER fun job!


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