December 2, 2013
What a week it has been! Full of food, family, and a lot of driving to-and-from places. Because a lot of my family met in Provo this week and a lot of Andrew's family met in Salt Lake, we had the luck of spending time with both families! We played games, talked, ate, and laughed as we enjoyed each other's company on Wednesday night with my family, ran in the Cottonwood Heights 5K Turkey Trot with Andrew's family on Thursday morning, left Chelsea with Grammy and Opa while we ran home to take a shower and make a Lemon Meringue Pie (which, although AMAZINGLY delicious, wasn't picture-worthy), after which we drove back down south for the Thanksgiving dinner at Aunt Rosanne's house. In addition to all the festivities, we managed to get our living room painted! Wahoo! Now I feel like I'm really ready to get started decorating for Christmas (after I clean up my house).

Although I didn't participate in Black Friday this year, Andrew went with his dad and brother to Walmart and Sears (for movies and tools). I don't know about you, but pushing through a crowd of crazed, deal-seeking individuals over the best selection of blu-ray movies is not my idea of a fun way to spend Thanksgiving night. I'm more of a Cyber Monday shopper, which brings me to my next point.

Chevron and Lace is having its first EVER Cyber Monday sale, and it's my biggest sale, yet! 30% off of EVERYTHING in my shop, while supplies last! That includes maxi skirts, little girl leggings, car seat protectors, one fox coat costume, and even the ethnic shift dress (size medium). It's kind of a big deal. Just visit my shop, select the item you want to buy, and type in CYBERCHEVRON13 for the 30% off discount. If you want a different color of maxi skirt or car seat protector than I have available in my shop, send me a message and I will see if I can get that color for you, no extra charge. Happy shopping!

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