October 11, 2013
Sorry. Lame title, I know, but at least now you have no misconceptions about what this post is. So here's my latest and one of my most favorite outfits. What do you think?
Wish I had been able to take these photos with my black cable-knit scarf, but it was unfinished at the time. And that reminds me! In my post on Monday, I said that I felt industrious when I looked at those photos. It's because I made the scarf and the striped shirt! I had been looking for the perfect fitting black and white striped shirt for a LONG time and just couldn't find one that I liked, so I ordered some fabric and made my own! I am so glad I decided to learn how to sew!
Wish I could stay and chat more, but I've got a busy busy day today! Have a totally fabulous weekend! Any fun plans going down out there?
Keep it real.

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  1. love it with the floral scarf! & great work on the shirt!:)

  2. Thank you, ladies! It is super comfy and is definitely one of my favorites!


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