September 21, 2013
Andrew went up to Rexburg for the weekend to hang out with his brother and as Chelsea and I waved goodbye until we couldn't see his car anymore, my heart dropped. I missed him already and I always am a little worried whenever he drives long distances without me (we're a good driving and navigation team). As I sadly plopped myself on the couch and let Chelsea down to play, I thought about how I was feeling and decided to pose this question on Facebook and Instagram.
1. The things you found a little annoying 35 years ago make you smile now.
2. You overlook the stinky farts and no attention to detail and focus on the little things he does that make you smile and appreciate being married to such an awesome person.
3. You let him drive to Rexburg for the weekend (posted by the cousin Andrew was going to visit)
4. He kisses you and your baby goodbye every morning.
5. He brings you flowers on his way home because you had a bad day! and... (this one was yesterday) you way overspent your grocery budget money and he doesn't get mad. haha...
6. You have to live without him for four months.
7. You mumble and grumble about being the mom of two little boys when he comes home and then at night he takes the 4-month-old after he woke up a 2nd time in the night and tells you to go back to sleep, then gets back up with your toddler in the morning and feeds him breakfast and cleans up his mess before going to work while picking you up in his arms and giving you a big kiss goodbye.
8. You let him buy season tickets to BYU football.
9. He looks at your children with so much love.
10. He wakes up early to make you lunch because you slept in.
11. You don't mind clipping his toe nails.
12. He has a bad day at work, but wakes up and goes to work the next day to provide for his family.
13. He says the strangest things just to make you laugh when you've had a bad day.
14. He cleans the house! Nothing better.
15. He makes me genuinely laugh.
16. He exists!
17. When I watch him with our children...sweetest daddy ever!
18. When he knows you're having a bad day and buys you a Dr. Pepper.
19. Your heart beats fast just thinking about him.

A lot of these responses made me laugh, some of them made me say "Awwww" (literally, I said awww), and some of them made me want to cry. Sometimes when I see pictures on Instagram or Facebook, or read posts about other people's husbands and how they come home every day with a dozen roses for their wives, or take them out to expensive places on weekends, etc. etc., I'll admit that I sometimes think to myself, "I wish Andrew would do that kind of thing for me," but look at all these answers!
Although roses and expensive dates are nice, it's the little things that our men do every day, and that we do for them that remind us what love really is. It's service, communication, sacrifice, unselfishness, and yes, sometimes thoughtful gifts. At least, that's how I know I love my man.
So how do you know that you love your man?


P.S. I can TOTALLY relate to number 5. Oops!


  1. I love that you actually posted mine... I mean, seriously at this point, all he'll have to do is exist!


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