August 13, 2013
College isn't like your high school. For one thing, it's a lot bigger, and odds are there are some pretty confusing buildings on campus (the Snow Building and the Spori Building at BYU-I for instance), but let's not get ahead of ourselves. If you're new to campus, you probably don't even know which building is which. So here are a few tips for before the first day of school.
  1. Get a map - Just a simple map that shows all the buildings and what their names are will do. That way, you can begin to get your bearings around campus.
  2. Print off your schedule, or save it as a photo on your phone for easier access.
  3. Create a route from class to class, or class to home on your map that you've printed out.
  4. Test out your route - Go to each building where you have a class and find your actual classroom. This will save you time (and tardiness) on the first day. My first day at BYU-Provo, I didn't even know where the correct building for one of my classes was and showed up a half-hour late with tears streaming down my face. True story.
  5. Get your student ID - this is kind of important since everyone and their mom will be asking you for your ID number.
  6. The most important day-before tip of all... Pick out your first day outfit!
So, you want something that will make a statement and will tell a story about yourself, but isn't overly flashy. You want something that will reflect the norm for your wardrobe so you don't show up one day and all the guys be like, "DAAAAANG" and then the next day the guys be like "Woof" (That's code for "ugly." I didn't figure that one out until college after asking my husband what some guy in high school meant when he said it to me. Ouch.).
My first day outfit was an empire-waisted, green polka-dotted shirt and some jeans (it was in style then!), but if I were going to college again, this would be one of my picks. It's got just the right amount of summer-time lovin', teacher impressin', and eye attention:

Back to school: First Day

Back to school: First Day by susan-andrewchelsea featuring canvas bags

The shoes are the PERFECT pick because they're sensible. Do not even THINK about wearing heels your first day (unless you wear heels all the time and have developed the proper calluses). Since it's the first day of school, light baggage is an okay, but get a really good backpack for the heavy-load days.
At BYU-Idaho, the honor code doesn't allow for shorts or capris, but I'd roll the pant legs up a couple times. And the shirt, shades, watch, and belt? Love them. Peplum is very flattering on a lot of body types and the lace gives it that perfect touch of sweetness, don't you think?

What are you going to wear your first day of school?


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  1. I want everything there, esp the sunglasses!! Beautifully curated :)


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