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February 3, 2013
Today I'm thinking about my husband. Everything changes in a marriage once a baby comes along. When the family invites you somewhere, it's not because they want to see you. Staying out past 8:00 pm is unthinkable and sleeping in is out. Vacations suddenly become complicated and spontaneity is less common.
Don't get me wrong! Having a baby is the best thing I've ever done (apart from marrying Andrew), but it definitely changes things. Sadly, I feel like I've changed a little, too. Besides my hair turning permanently darker and weighing less than I did in high school (probably due to loss of muscle more than anything else), I feel like I've become less patient with my spouse. I feel like I'm on edge and it drives me CRAZY when Andrew voices his thoughts on what to do with Chelsea when they aren't the same as mine. Somehow I got this idea that what I think is best for Chelsea is it. I've got monopoly over what to do with her. NOT TRUE.
But knowing something is or isn't true is easier than acting on that knowledge. I remind myself daily that Andrew is a wonderful father and although he didn't major in child rearing (elementary education/child rearing, same difference), he is Chelsea's father and he knows what's best for her, too. Despite my efforts, however, I tend to slip and get frustrated with him again.
So I was thinking about all of this last night and I decided that I was tired of it! I was tired of being on edge and I wanted to do something about it.
It only took me a few seconds to decide what to do. I got out my iPhone (where I keep all of my to-do lists) and came up with this idea: Every day do something extra-special for your sweetheart. Here are a couple of ideas...

Some of these things I think could be a daily routine. One of the ones I would like to make daily is to tell a joke. Sometimes I take myself too seriously and I think telling a joke would help me with that.
So there's my idea to strengthen my relationship with my honey. Did I miss any good ones? Perfect timing with Valentine's day coming up. This is, after all, the love month!


  1. I really felt on edge over the summer, it was bad!! Have you read the happiness project? I read both books and although they were a little redundant I took a few pieces and feel way calmer (and nicer!!) ;) good luck!

    1. That's awesome! I think I'd be interested in reading that, although I will say... Thus far I feel like my to do for love list is working! High five for me! Thanks for commenting!


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