What I wore on this fabulous Friday!

December 28, 2012
You know those days when you think to yourself, "Self? I would like to look nice today." So you get yourself all dressed up and finish that infinity scarf that you've been working on (didn't know you could finish something that was infinite, did you?) and when your done, you think, "DANG I look good today! I've gotta go out and do something. This rocktastic-ness shouldn't be wasted." So that's when you decide to hit the town... With your baby. But that just makes you ten times cuter, right? So here's what I wore. And in case your interested, the scarf is 125 stitches long and has 50 rows. If you decide to make this one on your own, I would suggest doing 50 stitches and more like 70-100 rows. Just FYI! Do you like it? Have a fandidilytastic Friday!

Shirt: Walmart $10.00
Pants: Plato's Closet $10.00
Boots: Plato's Closet $10.00
Scarf: Made myself $5.00


  1. I may or may not be drooling over that scarf. Seriously. So cute. I luff it.
    amanda @ we and serendipity

  2. suuuper cute!! love the scarf... i so know that feeling of "okay i'm cute lets go out!" but typically that feeling is quickly replaced with spit up while loading up the car! hah.

  3. Aw! Thanks you guys! I totally understand the spit up thing! Such is the life of a mother!


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