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December 3, 2012
We got to Andrew's Aunt's house yesterday and thus began our week with her family! Thus far, we have gone to church together, watched Bug's Life together, ate dinner together, made dessert together, watched Megamind, and got ready for school. It's been interesting to go from one child to 5 to say the least! One thing that has surprised me most is how you have to remind them about everything! No wonder people say that you start to lose your memory/mind with each child! It's because you have to remember things for yourself, your husband, and your children now, especially if they're in school!
The kids are awesome! I had more help than I knew what to do with! Among the tales of ancient fisherman towns, paper airplanes, and broken dishes, was a feeling that this is exactly what I want to do. I want to be a mother of many children.
As I sang Chelsea to sleep tonight and lay her down, I looked into her eyes, and she in mine. Sometimes I think Chelsea can communicate better than I give her credit for, because when I looked into those big, mostly brown with a little green, eyes of hers, I knew that she loved me. There's nothing as special or as rewarding as being a mother!
As a side note, throughout Chelsea's life I have come up with a few interesting analogies, or at least similarities between having a baby and other things. For instance... The a was a time, when Chelsea still liked her binki, that I felt like Indiana Jones! When she fell asleep during a feeding at night time, I so did not want to wake her up, but once I broke her latch, KA-boom. Instant wakefulness. So, I tried the Indiana Jones approach! I would break her latch with the binki and carefully, but swiftly switch my nipple out for the binki. I'd say the likelihood of success was a little more than 50% most nights.
Sometimes I'm one of those mechanics at a NASCAR pit stop. Changing clothes and diapers I try to do as quickly as possible so we can get Chelsea up and runnin'.
This example is probably a little more well-known/common, but remains true. Sometimes Chelsea is just a time bomb waiting to go off. And that's all I have to say about that.
Tonight I thought of myself as something that was really awesome and now I totally can't remember what it was. Dang! I hate it when that happens!
Oh well. Hopefully I'll remember later. Here's the latest on Chelsea.

Not quite crawling yet, but it's just a matter of time
Says "mum" and "ma" more commonly
Loves watching her cousins run around and act crazy
Has started really enjoying her binki again. Mostly she just likes to play with it.

Some pictures I've taken recently...

N drew this for Chelsea. It's a picture of a present.

Scheels. Fun date night!

We're so excited for Chelsea's first Christmas!

My latest, biggest project! So excited for the end product!

Can't wait!

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