What do you want for Christmas, Dear?

December 20, 2012
Sorry. This is going to be one of my lamer posts... I promise that I'm doing stuff! This Christmas has been much busier than any I've experienced, shopping for presents, crafting, etc. Here are some of the things I've been working on.
Christmas Advent Calendar:
I decided to hand stitch all of the ornaments so this is taking... a long... time...

Christmas Skirt:
Just finished this project today and it hardly took me any time at all! As soon as I get some shots, I'll post a tutorial. You are going to LOVE it!

Infinity Scarf:
Did you know that I knit? Well now you do.

So there ya have it! Exciting stuff is coming, I promise!
For the last couple of weeks, Andrew has been driving me crazywith questions about what I want for Christmas. Here's how our conversationsnormally go.

Andrew: Susan, what do you want for Christmas.
Susan: I would LOVE a new bedspread.
Andrew: But that's not really a gift just for you and we don'treally need it.
Susan: But that's why it's a Christmas gift! The best Christmasgifts are the ones you don't need but really want!
Andrew: Well I'm not getting you a bedspread.
Susan: But that's what I really want!
etc. etc. etc.

So I'm 99% positive I will not be getting a bedspread forChristmas. Then, a couple nights ago, two giant packages arrived.

Andrew: Susan, don't look at these presents or even touch them.
Susan: Are they for me?
Andrew: Yes.
Susan: Are they really that big?
Andrew: They might just be filled mostly with packing peanuts.
etc. etc. etc.

And now I am dying to find out what they are! Here are my guesses in no particular order:
Toilet seat (don't put it past him)
Nerf gun
Scuba gear
Witch costume
Leg lamp (like from Christmas Story)
Giant Clock
An iTunes gift card
My little pony stuffed animal

So basically what I'm saying is, I have NO idea what they are, although I'd be pretty stoked if it were a Nerf gun! Leave a comment with your guess and I'll give you something neat if you guess right! Good luck.
Only five days untilChristmas, friends! Any awesome plans that you're excited about?
By-the-way, we got one of our presents (from ourselves) early!


  1. The leg lamp would be AWESOME! One way you could know... was the box marked "F-R-A-G-I-L-E?"

  2. I love seeing all the videos of Chelsea you've been posting. I'm missing you all!

  3. I was the one that brought the package inside and my first thought was bedspread so don't count it out!


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