12/9 - 12/16

December 16, 2012
Another week has gone by and only nine days left until Christmas! Andrew and I aren't exactly last-minute shoppers, but we haven't really gotten anything for Chelsea yet! At least there are a few gifts under the tree!
This week has been an eventful, but stress-less one, full of family, shopping, and Chelsea's latest development, crawling! Well, it's not exactly crawling. It's more like a one-leg drags the rest of the body forward type thing. Either way, my life is about to change... Forever... Again...
If you follow me on Instagram and/or have been reading my posts, you'll know that on Wednesday, Chelsea and I took a little trip to Provo on the train! We had a great time riding together and look forward to more trips south to see family and friends!
We were also visited by Andrew's siblings on their way back to California from school for the semester. We had a great time hanging with them for the day and Chelsea loves her Uncle Karl, especially! He's easily her favorite Uncle on Andrew's side.
We even managed to go to a Christmas party and got visited by a couple of friends from BYU -I who scored us some tickets to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert with Alfie Boe. It was amazing! My favorite part was when they told the story about the Candy Bomber, Gail Halverson. It's a touching story about the goodness of one man to the children of the enemy in WWII. If the story wasn't touching enough, Gail, or Hal as he was called by his men in the Air Force, showed up! It was really neat to see the man who brought so many children so much joy. And it all began with two sticks of gum.
Now time for some pictures. Have a great rest of your night everyone!

Waiting for the train!

Riding on the train with Mommy!

Gettin' creative with my perspectives!

So excited for Christmas!

Can you see her teeth? All two of them?

With Great Grandma and Auntie Kara!

It was a beautiful production!

And now I've got a video for you!
Chelsea crawls! Kind of...

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  1. Lol Kessie crawls like that too! With one foot on the ground and the knee on the other side down. So weird, but really funny!


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