Sandy Hook Elementary

December 17, 2012
Every time it comes on the news, I can't help but cry. The news reporter on the Today show said that this was an emotional experience for all parents everywhere. We can all understand or at least feel some of the pain those poor parents and family members are experiencing at the loss of their loved ones.
When my brother died when he was only 18 years old, I think in many ways my family felt very alone. Even with all the friends and extended family members who came to offer condolences and support, in the end, they didn't have to suffer this lost member in their family. That isn't to belittle their loss at all, of course. I'm just saying that it's different.
It's even different to me as the sister and not the parent. Even though Mom and Dad had twelve children, each child is dearly loved by them, something that I have not yet come to understand as fully as they do. No parent should ever have to outlive their child.
I know that there isn't much that I can do, but I hope that maybe this poem will do someone good.

Small Hands
For the families affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting

Small hands that love to draw,
Write, create, and serve.
Little voices singing clear,
Lacking any nerve.

Tiny faces aglow with light
And shiny red noses and cheeks.
Anticipating Christmas cheer
With family they'd meet.

Little feet with tiny toes
They learned to count to ten.
They laughed, played, and ran with glee.
That's how we remember them.

Although the voices, hands, and feet
Are silent now and still,
A whisper says to you, "Take comfort.
Let your hearts be filled.

For they have come to me today.
They've told me of your plight.
I understand your sorrow,
The loss of your brightest light.

For I once lost one of my own.
One that I loved so dear.
But just as I received my Son,
Soon yours, too, you'll hold near."

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