Weekend Plans

October 19, 2012
It's the weekeeeeeeennnd! So excited for this one because I've got some pretty good plans... That might backfire... We'll see how it goes, but first! Here's a photo from last weekend.

Weekend Plans:

1. Clean my house. It's not exactly a mess... Who am I kidding? It's a mess.
2. Pack. Believe it or not, once you've got another little extra person, packing suddenly becomes a two or three hour chore!
3. Go to... Rexburg!
4. Visit with all my Rexburgian friends/College friends. I'm coming for you!
5. Hopefully not kill Chelsea's nap and feeding schedule. This week has been crazy with her scheduling and I don't think taking a trip is going to help anything, so I hope it'll be worth it!
6. Show off my babe to all my old professors and the extremely baby hungry college students. I hope she doesn't get eaten alive or spoiled by the attention!
7. Get some photos of the special places Andrew and I had together. You know, all the places that are special to every couple at BYU-Idaho?
8. Get home safely and go to church on Sunday!

So it's going to be an interesting weekend, that's for sure, but I look forward to it! Not sure what to do with your weekend? Click on the link and go get some ideas!


Oh! and I created a new outfit on Polyvore! What do you think?

Navy and Pearls


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