How to stay calm

October 17, 2012
A thought from this past week,
In my head you'll have a peek.
So here it goes!
Please don't doze
Or from your computer sneak!

I once told you that Moms
Were what you'd call "da-bomb."
Well, it's still true
And here's a clue
To show how I stay calm.

Two nights ago, you see
My darling, cute Chelsea
Couldn't sleep
And so she'd weep.
What could the problem be?

Whatever the problem was,
I had to stay calm because
As mothers know
Your emotions show
All of them plus love.

So what do you think I did?
Besides keeping on my lid.
I held her close
When she was crying most
And my frustration hid.

I watched Arthur.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, I don't know why everyone's freaking out about Big Bird being gone. I'll definitely miss Arthur more! But cuts have to come from someplace, right?


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