July 23, 2009

October 14, 2012
This is a short journal entry of the few weeks at the end of the semesterThe first couple of weeks after the semester were the worst. Andrew had a family reunion for a week and I wasn't able to talk to him for all that time. He never called. I tried to be understanding because he was with his family and he wanted to spend time with them, but it was still very, very hard. During that week, I decided that we needed to really break it up. So finally, he called me after his family's reunion and I learned that they were actually down in a canyon, basically and the only way he could have reached me would have been if he had borrowed his dad's phone (he didn't have his phone), climbed out of the canyon, and called me. Even if he had done that, he didn't remember my number anyway. I felt pretty dumb after he told me that, but I still was firm about my decision and he actually agreed.

The weeks after that were really hard, too because we still wanted to keep in touch, but he wasn't as adamant as I was about it. Finally, I was sick of it! So I deleted his phone number and all of his text messages that I liked.

Yes, boys and girls, it is true. I broke up with Andrew and I deleted his phone number. It was a legit break up and I was really annoyed with him at the time. I didn't talk to Andrew again until the fall school semester started, but there was one instance when Andrew did send me a text. It went something like this...

Andrew: Hey Susan. How's it going.
*Andrew was still deleted from my phone, but I knew it was him because of the 760 phone number
Susan: Hey. It's good. What's up?
*Imagine annoyance and a little coldness, because if we had been talking, I'm pretty sure that's how I would have said it.
Andrew: I just got my wisdom teeth pulled and I'm drooling. Haha.

I don't think I replied to that. *Imagine extreme annoyance. 

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