October 13, 2012
Hey all! I know I don't normally post on Saturdays, but I decided to make an exception today.
Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure... Sew 50s.

Headband: Bought 3/4 a yard for less than $2.00
Clutch: Bought from DEB years ago
Shirt: Downeast Basics
Skirt: Homemade
Shoes: Journey's (on sale!)


  1. Oh my goodness! You are too cute! I love the outfit; I love all things vintage. I plan on reading so much more of your blog (like all the subpages) once I finish my Sunday reading. I'm interested in reading more about you! So very glad I found your blog. :) You don't design blogs by any chance, do you?

    Brani Laine

  2. Thanks so much! You both are so sweet!


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