My best poem

October 23, 2012
Today I want to re-post my favorite poem that I've written. I wrote it a few months ago when I was ridiculously sick and, well... You can guess what symptoms I was experiencing.

My Nose is a Hose
by: Sue

My name is Rose,
And just so you know,
I’m the girl with
A hose for a nose!

It happens once
Or twice, so I’m told,
Whether you’re young,
Or whether you’re old

We all have to face
The sickness called:

With sneezing and wheezing
And every cough
You gotta admit,
Being sick’s pretty rough!

But back to my nose,
The one like a hose.
The one that tends
To mess up my clothes!

When lying in bed
And trying to sleep,
You’d think that my nose
Would be pretty beat!

But on it runs,
Not a switch to be found,
All over the bed,
Then onto the ground!

Getting ready for school
Has never been worse!
I decide to try
To brush my teeth first.

I open the door
And flip on the light.
I turn on the faucet,
But something’s not right!

Instead of water
Coming out of the tap,
It’s out of my nose
And into my lap!

At breakfast I tried
Not to let my nose run,
But that mean cold
Took away my fun!

My nose started dripping
All into my food
I could tell that this cold
Would ruin my mood!

I thought that at school
I’d be quite alright,
But my nose was acting
The same as last night!

The crayons got all wet,
The paper did, too.
The floor got slick
And the paint turned to goo!

Miss Nelson said
"You can't stay at school!
You're making a mess
With all your hose-drool!"

She sent for the nurse,
Who examined my face.
She snapped her fingers and said,
“Solved the case!”

In the note she sent home,
She prescribed lots of rest.
Soups and meds
I’d put to the test.

I slept in my bed,
I ate all my soup,
I didn’t complain
'bout the medicine goop.

The next morning I woke,
I stretched and yawned.
I touched my face.
The hose was gone!

No more snivels,
No more snuffs
Thank goodness for
The soups and stuff!

I hopped out of bed
And ran to my mom.
I opened my mouth
To sing, "It's gone!"

But nothing came out!
Not a single note.
With sadness, I thought,
"My throat has a coat!"

What do you think? Would you read this to your kids?

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