Halloween 2016 | Family Themed Costumes!

October 26, 2016
You might not know this about me, but the whole reason I learned how to sew in the first place was so that I could make Halloween costumes for my children. I grew up with home-made Halloween costumes every year. I have very fond memories of going to the fabric store with my mom and looking through the Halloween Pattern book until I found the costume I wanted. I plan on carrying that tradition on to my children, but my kiddos are all just young enough to be manipulated agree to the costumes that Mom picks for them. ;)

So what did we pick this year???


Picking the characters each of us would dress as wasn't too much trouble except when it came to Alexa. I had originally planned on making her an R2D2 or BB8 costume, but as soon as I imagined her in those Princess Leia ear-muffs? The droid idea was out. And I don't regret the decision one bit.

But the best part about the costumes is that I made them out of things I had around the house or purchased from the thrift store! Let me give you the run-down, because this may be my best money-saving DIY project ever.

 Shirt and vest - adjusted thrift finds
pants - old
gun holster - strap and faux leather from Hobby Lobby
boot coverings - faux leather from Hobby Lobby

PRINCESS LEIA (from the Forest Moon of Endor)
Poncho cape - blanket from Walmart,
Belt - old
Pants - thrifted, 
Boots - old

Arm and body wraps - old curtain left
shirt and pants - adjusted thrift finds
belt - thrifted
staff - curtain rod + strap
light saber - 50 cent gun scope and photoshop ;)

PRINCESS LEIA (captured by Darth Vader)
Dress, cowl, and belt - old sheet
shapes on belt - foam paper form Hobby Lobby
"hair" - brown yarn and old headband

Bear costume - purchased for $8.00 from Kid-Kid
hood - adjusted brown t-shirt from thrift store

Having our own little photo shoot in the morning ended up being a really good idea because I discovered a few wardrobe malfunctions that I was able to fix before the party that night! Just things like body wraps falling off shoulders and arm wraps being itchy and staff straps not staying on... you know. The stuff 4-year-olds complain about. But by the time of the party, I got all the kinks worked out so that she ended up wearing her costume all night and didn't complain ONCE! Although I did notice that she preferred the "inja's" sword over her own curtain-rod staff (which we ended up using in place of the baseball bat that the pinata broke instead of the other way around. BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

Also, Chelsea and that little ninja right there are the BEST of buds! I love watching them run around and pretend-fight-each other and be silly together and what-not. It's adorable.

We had such a great time at the party! There were games, treats, delicious taco soup + bread sticks, and good company! I even got to use all my photo booth props from the year before! I loved watching everyone get out their phones to take pictures. So happy we got to go and have a good time!

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!!!! and man-oh-MAN that Han Solo is a looker! ;)

What are your costume plans this year? Are you dressing up or leaving that to the kids? Leave a comment!!!


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