Tips for Transitioning from 2-3

October 21, 2016
K C   F I L M  +  P H O T O

Obviously, adding somebody new to a family is a huge change, but there's something about adding that third baby that brings that look into a parent's eyes. You know that fearful, haunted look I'm talking about.

Being a former pregnant-with-my-third-child-scared-look-in-my-eyes-lady, I can relate to you, and I can tell you from experience that you can survive it! And you can love it, too!

Here are a few things you can expect to change/increase/decrease/etc. when you add that third baby.


A lot of these things (if not all), you could have guessed because they've been on your mind ever since the thought of a third child even crossed your mind, so let me tell you the things I've done that have helped me survive acclimate to the new changes that come with that third baby.

Obviously your top priority is to survive the day with healthy children and your sanity still somewhat in-tact. Here are a few ideas that may help.

There are some needs that are purely physical and some that are mostly emotional. Your baby's needs are mostly physical. Most of the time, these needs can wait while you meet the emotional needs of the other two.

Food is definitely a priority and there are two things I've done that have really helped make that priority convenient. Freezer meals and Slow Cookers. Also, planning out your meals for the entire week will help A LOT!

This has probably been the hardest part for me because I am a very productive person and tend to measure my success by what I've accomplished that day. So, I had to re-think my definition of productivity. So, instead of filling my to-do list with tasks that need to be performed, I fill it with deeds that need to be done. "Play with Alexa," "Paint with Chelsea," and "Snuggle with Barrett" have frequented my list.

If you can wait until the evening or get your significant other to go for you, do it, but sometimes, you just HAVE to leave your house during the day. My suggestion is to strap 'em on and strap 'em down! That translates to, "Baby wearing and cart/stroller restraints."

That one-on-one time is so important for you and your children (and husband)! If you have to find a babysitter to get some, do it. So many good memories are made with your children individually.

Make sure you make some time for yourself, too! Let Dad be Dad and allow him opportunities to take care of all the kids himself from time-to-time!
The sun will rise, the sun will set, and you'll take every day one at a time, just like you always have. Don't stress too much about it. You're going to figure it out.

Really encourage your children to play together. That way, you *might* get some quiet time that you need and it will build family relationships, even if that bonding happened over ripped sheets on the bed-slide they decided to make. #faceslap

Involve the older two in taking care of the babe! It's time they helped pull their weight around the house, and they'll probably like the feeling of responsibility and trust you're placing in them (sometimes.)

Movies are a GREAT tool. Getting home from outings is one of the most stressful times of day for me. If I can just get the kiddos inside and turn on a movie, it gives me just the break I need to get settled back into the house-groove.

Sleep? What is this thing you call, "sleep." Ha ha. I can't really give tried-and-true advice about this one, because I'm not great at it, but I do know this: It's important and I do a lot better if I've had some.

9 times out of 10, Barrett's crying when I lose my cool. The thing that works best for me is taking him out of the situation by putting him in his room for just a minute, and helping the other two.

Even though Chelsea doesn't take naps anymore, I've maintained that time during the day as "quiet time" where I can have some time to myself. It's good for my sanity and emotional well-being. She plays with toys in a separate room, watches a movie, paints, or anything else that is non-destructive and on the quieter side. Getting her to do this is easiest when I get her started, but that's a post for another day!

Of course I couldn't let this post go without saying something about how much love grows in your family when that third baby arrives. I truly believe that there is something special about that third child. They bring a special kind of peace and joy into your home and I think that everyone can feel it.

Hopefully these tips helped one of you out there. If not, hopefully this will:

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