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October 11, 2016

A couple of years ago, I purchased these boots off of Amazon and have loved them since day one. They're not the kind of boots you expect to last much longer than a couple of years, so when the zipper broke, I can't say I was too surprised, but I was a little bummed. Those boots were good to me.

I was literally on my way out to the garbage can to throw the old things away when it just hit me. Why throw them away when there is still so much potential?!

So before you throw out your old boots, give this a try first! It was so easy and all you need is some scissors, felt, and a hot glue gun!

You will need -
Scissors (I also suggest an X-acto knife)
Complimenting color of Felt*
Hot Glue Gun

*you could easily substitute a fun complimentary fabric or even pom poms instead of felt!

Difficulty level - very easy

Step 1 - cut
Decide what type of booties you want. My boots had a natural seam line that I decided would work perfectly for a peep-side type of bootie, so I just followed the seam line. An X-acto knife turned out to be my best option for my boots, but I know that I could have done the job exclusively with scissors.

Step 2 - felt
Cut pieces of felt that are about a half inch wide and heat up your glue gun. Line up the pieces of felt to measure the length of the section around the inside of the boot you're doing, then run the glue gun about a quarter inch away from the edge in the inside of the boot and stick on the felt. Do this around the entire interior edge of the bootie.

Step 3 - glue
The felt is glued in place, but now apply a second line of glue to fully close the opening you made in the boot with your scissors.

Then I just glued the belt buckle back on and voila!



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