California Vacation 2016 | Part III Legoland

October 9, 2016

Disneyland and Legoland?! We got lucky that Opa's coworker had two tickets she wasn't going to use!

Since we only had two tickets, we knew someone would have to stay home with the two little ones. I was the obvious candidate for that, but Andrew is the most wonderful husband and father ever and volunteered to stay home with Alexa and Barrett ALL DAY! The original plan was to keep Barrett home for half the day while Chelsea and I did all the rides we couldn't do with a baby, then Andrew would bring Barrett for the second half of the day, but that man is amazing and was able to keep Barrett happy all day so that Chelsea and I could spend the entire time together uninterrupted. It was such a fun day that we both look back on with GREAT fondness.

There was hardly a soul at the park the day we went. I think the longest we waited in line was about 5 entire minutes.

Chelsea was so brave! There were a couple of roller coasters at the park that I really wanted to try, and even though they made Chelsea a little nervous, she was brave and did them anyway. She is one awesome little four-year-old!

So embarrassingly good! Also, a worker got really mad at me after I took this. I just walked away. Haha!

My favorite parts of the trip were the rides that Chelsea was able to go on alone. I loved watching her face light up with each new experience.

Her favorite part was DEFINITELY the Bouncing Beetle ride. She rode on it 5 times. In a row.

 Chelsea and the little girl in the seat next to her were so adorable to watch giggling together as the ride bounced them up and down!

I know Chelsea is super adorable in this picture and all, but look at those siblings on the end! Heart eyes.

 Pure. Joy.

And, of course, we loved the Star Wars Lego creations!


I cannot over-emphasize how wonderfully perfect this day was! Chelsea was so happy, excited, brave, obedient, polite, kind, and just totally wonderful. She loved trading Lego men around until she found the one that she liked best and wanted to stick with.

Oh how I love my four-year-old and thank my Heavenly Father every day for that hilariously funny little girl!

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