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November 3, 2016
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I----------t's photoshoot-on-the-bed season! As soon as it gets chilly outside, I opt for photos on my bed because, to be honest, it's the easiest spot to tidy up in my entire house. Now that Barrett's nursery is finished, I might stray there for a few photos this season, but today, it's the bed and our favorite swimmers ever, Olivia + Ocean who now carries little BOY swimmers!

I cannot TELL you how excited I was when Danielle told me she was opening a line of boy swimmers! The girls practically LIVED in their O+O suits this summer, so I knew that I needed one for Barrett, stat!

The quality of the boy trunks is every bit that of the girl's suits. I'm not worried about it stretching out, fading, or falling apart one bit!

I did make it out of the house to a local rec center to test his new trunks out.

He LOVES the water, which made our little Mommy-Son date truly enjoyable! I loved watching him splash the water all over himself and get adventurous crawling around (he is SO mobile!)

And he's so cute, you'd better believe he got a kiss afterward! ;)

I will forever back Olivia + Ocean 100% because it's a product and a business I really believe in. Not only does it sell modest, reliable, quality swimwear made entirely in the United States, it also donates a portion of its profit to

And I love this snippet from their About page:

"We believe swim time is a special time for parents to bond with their babies. It definitely has been for us! Our swimwear is meant to celebrate the magical childhood memories made in the water. "

I couldn't agree more. So many of my favorite memories were made in the water and I'm glad to know that we can make these memories in suits that my children can be their energetic little selves in and not have to worry about how long they'll last or they will actually keep my children covered, whether they're swimming in a pool, running through the sprinklers, playing in the sand, or jumping on the bed!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! And don't forget to stop by Olivia + Ocean before you close your browser (if you haven't already. I've linked back to them about, oh, 100 times in this post...)

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