New Year, New Look, New Name

January 2, 2015

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to Sue’s News, the place where I share what’s new with me and my family. With the trends ever-changing, it was time for me to change, too, and although I’ll miss Chevron and Lace, I think my new title suits.

This year has been full of news for us, the biggest being turning from a mom of one to a mom of two and although I’ve loved having my little Alexa join our family, it hasn’t been easy. I prefer to share only the positive here on my blog, but I think I’ve been guilty of attempting to portray our lives as “perfect,” but that’s a post for another day.

Today, I want to reflect on the details of our life that I’ve shared with you. These are my favorites:

01Motherhood Moments and Friendship 

I just love these photos I captured of Chelsea in March, and reading this post reminded me how blessed I am to be a mother and to have such wonderful friends, YOU included.


10Easter Egg Hunt Number 2 

Our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt is definitely a favorite from 2014.


19Chelsea’s Birthday BBQ 

Of course I could never leave out Chelsea’s second birthday party! It’s definitely a highlight of 2014.


00 IMG_53004th of July 2014 

This year’s Fourth of July was the best one yet! Except for that one time when Andrew kissed for the very first time…



The pinnacle of the year 2014!


IMG_5567 edit03Newborn photos - Alexa

Taking pictures of my favorite newborn!


Chelsea's first prayerChelsea’s First Prayer 

There is nothing sweeter than hearing your child pray. Plus, there are a bunch of cute pictures of Chelsea riding her bike in this post, too.


IMG_5980 edit01 10 dos of taking your littles to the beach

Our trip to California this year was Ah-mazing, and this gives a pretty good recap of the trip.


IMG_7201 edit01Alexa's Baby Blessing Dress

This is my favorite photo shoot to date of Alexa! She was so happy and looked so perfect in her baby blessing dress!


IMG_7540 edit01Halloween Party 2014

Nothing could have made this Halloween party better. Nothing.


IMG_8367 edit01Tutorial: Watercolor Leaf Mobile

This post is special because it was time well-spent with my artistic side and my daughter. We loved making this together.


IMG_8882 edit01Over-Sized Long Sleeve Color Bloc Tee

Just because this has quickly become my favorite shirt and it represents the improvement I’ve made in my sewing and design throughout the year. Also, I wanted to tell you that I’m working on the tutorial for this shirt and will post it here sooooooooon…


Seriously, 2014 has been amazing. It’s gonna be tough to top, but I’ve got a couple of family reunions, projects, and ideas to make 2015 just as great! Thanks for hanging with me this year! See you again really soon! *promise!

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