Alexa – 5 Months

January 3, 2015

A little late. Whoops! These pictures were taken on time, though.

IMG_9125 edit01

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You are getting very good at using your hands! It’s funny to watch you reach out to grasp whatever catches your eye, even while you’re on my hip. You especially want to grab whatever it is I’m eating. We’ve given you tastes of some things, but are holding off on solids for a little while longer.

Rolling over is a sinch, it’s the sitting up that’s got you interested now. In just a day, you went from 5 second stretches of sitting up unassisted to nearly a minute!

You still love to talk, smile, and laugh, especially with your sister. She is the first person by your side when you wake up from naps or want a specific toy. The way you light up each time she looks at you and says “HIIIIIIIIII” is truly magical.

You and Chelsea share a room now, which suits both of you just fine! She’s not too noisy and sleeps like the dead so you’re still able to communicate when it’s feeding time without disturbing her.

We love you more than words can express, Alexa! I can’t imagine not having you here with us. You fit so perfectly into our family and bring so much joy to us and to all those you come in contact with. Keep being your cheerful, smiley, self, my flower.

5 months collage02

IMG_9178 edit01

5 months collage03

I do have one request. Please stop growing.

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