Alexa – 8 months

March 20, 2015

My little rose is 8 months old AND it’s the first day of spring!

*read until the end of the post for a first day of spring celebration announcment!


The time is getting away from me. You are growing and moving from one stage to the next so fast.

Your eyes haven’t lost any of their sparkle.

Your smile hasn’t lost any of its shine.

And it especially presents itself when the camera pops up!

You still wake up once or twice at night, but I’m learning to cherish those uninterrupted moments.

Your laugh is heart-melting.

 IMG_0767 edit01 IMG_0768 edit01 

Your face positively glows when you see me or your sister.

For some reason, you especially like it when I open the car door. Your face beams and your smile radiates!

Being tossed in the air and spun around in circles still makes you laugh.

You’re crawling and scooting to whatever toy or other item of interest you want now.

You are so curious about the world around you! You want to touch and explore everything!

IMG_0809 bw02

You cry when I turn my back, even for a moment.

You still pull my hair and like to stick your fingers in my mouth.

You love to hear me sing and often sing along!

When you get really excited, you bounce up and down on your bum and kick your legs. It. is. a. dorable.

Still only have two teeth!

You have become quite cuddly (I LOVE IT) and sometimes you even give me wide-open-mouthed kisses on my lips, cheeks, and chin.

Your soft blanket is your favorite.

You still have a thing for your pacifier.

You enjoy solid foods now.

Your baby babbles are my favorite, particularly the “ma-ma-ma’s” which I think really do mean “Mama,” or “more food please.” We’re working on “da-da.”

IMG_0780 edit02

You’re starting to pull yourself up onto things to a standing position.

The past two nights we’ve put you to bed at the same time as Chelsea and you have been wonderful!

You still have your daddy’s, your mommy’s, and your sister’s hearts completely!

IMG_0759 edit01

I love you so much, my little Alexa.

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