Showcasing your Instagrams - my favorite wall hanging

March 5, 2015
So awhile back I wrote a guest post for Alexa from He and I for some Instagram frames that I have hanging in my house. This is by-far my favorite wall hanging throughout the house and it's just too good not to share on my blog as well as on Alexa's!


You guys, this is so easy and it probably ended up costing me about $10.00 or less. All you need are some frames, possibly spray paint, string, tape, and your favorite photos.




The pictures really say it all, but for the detail-oriented in all of us, here are the steps:

Step 1, find a frame or two (or four). You can find plenty of frames at thrift stores! Remove the glass and backing. If it isn’t the color you want, purchase some spray paint and quickly give it a couple of coats. I love the Rustoleum paint and primer brand. It adheres to plastics, wood, and I think metal, too!
Step 2, print off your photos. I went to Walmart and ordered 4x4” squares. You can do it all online and it can be ready within an hour.
Step 3, lay out your photos in the order you want, then flip them over, face-down. Space them out evenly.
Step 4, cut long pieces of string and lay them out on top of the photos. Use strips of tape to secure the photos to the string, or if you have any of those mini clothes pins, I’m sure they would be adorable, too!
Step 5, tie the string at either end to the top of the frame and to the bottom in an attractive little bow.

And that’s it! Even if it weren't one of the only things hanging in my house, it would still be a guest favorite, and my favorite, too.



See you next time!


  1. Ah these are so cute! Did you have any trouble finding four matching frames in that size? I feel like that would be hard to find, but my local thrift store is usually pretty picked over, so maybe that's why!

    PS thanks for the fun thread on the FB mom group! Following you now because of it. Excited to read more!

    1. Hi Brooke! Thanks for coming by!

      These frames were given to me by an old church ward friend so I didn't have trouble finding them at all! I just worked with what I have. I would check out maybe some garage sales, and I've found that the times you find those "Thrift Store Specials" are usually because you've been patient enough to wait and consistent enough to check often.

  2. Oh my GOSH!! I love how you displayed the frames and photos! /totally want to do something like this now. Where did you print your IG photos?

    1. Walmart prints square photos now! I just uploaded them to their website and picked them up an hour later!

  3. this is SUCH a cute idea! and it doesn't seem too difficult to do, either

    1. It was so easy! And I love that I can change out the photos with new ones whenever I want!

  4. WOW! i love this!! totally pinning and hopefully integrating into our home. XO

  5. love this cute idea! will definitely try it!


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