Chelsea just got 20% cooler

March 10, 2015
Chelsea is articulate. I love this stage when she can describe how she is feeling and when she uses some of my own phrases against me (most of the time it’s funny). Here are some of the funnier things she said lately.
In the morning: Turn on the light on!

Mom: Do you need to go potty?
Chelsea: No.
Mom: Are you sure?
Chelsea: No <<which actually means yes>>

Mom: Chelsea! Right now!
Chelsea: Okay okay!

When someone is hurt: Ohhhh! I’m sorry about that!

Mom: Ohhhh… I have a cold!
Chelsea: Don’t say “I have a cold.” I don’t want to hear that.

Chelsea to Daddy who was getting ready to go to a soccer game: Don’t go! Your wife is sick!

Chelsea: What is your name?
Mom: Mommy.
Chelsea: No, what is your name?
Mom: Mama.
Chelsea: No! What is your name?
Mom: Mother.
Chelsea: Yes. Your name is Mother, Daddy’s name is Andrew, and my name is Pretty Chelsea.

Everything ends with “huh?” and everything is cool. Chelsea is not cute, she is cool, and that wasn’t silly, it was cool, huh?
So really, this outfit is perfect for her personality (and everything else, for that matter)!
IMG_0340 edit01
 IMG_0347 edit01 IMG_0348 edit01
IMG_0351 edit01
IMG_0355 edit01 IMG_0358 edit01
She LOVES the rainbow pocket on front! Perfect place to store all of her rocks and moneys!
IMG_0380 edit01
IMG_0403 edit01
Now, here’s what I love about it:
Quality fabric
Sewn with precision and meticulous accuracy
Attention to detail
The colors are fantastic!
It’s rainbow dash
She loves it
It looks so cute on her
Perfect for pretend play

And Melissa (Little Miss Pinny) has so many other characters to offer, including Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Apple Jack (she’s my favorite!), Pikachu, Elsa, Batman (also a favorite), Robin, Mario, Luigi, and even Princess Peach. Didn’t see your favorite character in there? No worries! Melissa takes custom orders and is so easy to work with!
Seriously, guys, this pinafore is the best. If you want to get to know its maker a little more, she guest posted for me here, and she also has a blog.



  1. Yay! So glad you both like it! 😊 love the pictures! She is a cool cutie! 😉

  2. The only detail not pictured is the rainbow inside, which I LOVE! I asked Melissa to make a Pikachupinny for my 2 year old, and she LOBES it!! She has been known to wear it all day, then to bed, and all day again! ;)


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