Days of Halloween past + Felt Bat Tutorial

October 8, 2014

Fall is all about the crafts, right? To be honest? I’m not much of a crafter. I know, I know. “But Susan. You sew like a mad woman!” True, but when it comes to crafting that doesn’t involve sewing, I’m at a loss. That’s why last year, I decided to change that. I started small and have been working my way towards confident crafting ever since.

I started with the Halloween Wreath I posted about on Monday and then tried a Halloween banner. The first banner I’ve ever made, actually, and I added a few felt bats to make it a little spookier. It turned out to be a lot of fun and really, really easy.



Simple as that! And I love the Happy Halloween banner that I managed to craft, too! I just printed off letters on my computer in the font that I liked and mod-podged them to pages that I cut out of a book (out of the book, Beauty, actually; it’s a great read).

IMG_3250 edit01

IMG_3253 edit01

And here are some posts from our Halloween past. It’s always fun to look back at the other fun times you had at this time of year!

Halloween collage 2012-2013

Happy Halloween! // 2012 Halloween Costumes // Halloween Wreath // Halloween Marshmallow Treat // What does the fox say? // Fox Coat Costume: Tutorial // October Family Photos // Tutorial: Felt Bats and Happy Halloween Banner // Happy Halloween 10/31/13 // Halloween of 2013

Go ahead and check out a few! My favorite is definitely Halloween of 2013. We had so much fun that day! It’s amazing how much Chelsea has grown up since then, and this year, we’ll have TWO little trick-or-treaters! TWO much fun (I’m so punny).


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    1. Thanks Laurie! Your trip to Grey Towers looks AMAZING! I want to go there someday! Of course, I'd like to just visit somewhere further east than Illinois at the very least! My grandpa lived in Pennsylvania for the first part of his life and my husband's grandpa lives in Maryland. I'd love to go out there and see all the history!


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