Thrifted Shirt Remake

October 10, 2014
Last week, I was spotlighted on Alexa Zurcher’s blog, He and I. I wrote a guest post for her and her readers with my top 10 tips for beginner seamstresses. Today, I want to show you what some patience, perseverance, and confidence can do for you!
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This is my new favorite dress of Chelsea’s! I bought the shirt during the spring of 2013 from a thrift store, wore it once. Then stowed it away with a bunch of other clothes that I hardly ever wear. When I went through the box and found this shirt again, I knew it was time to do something with it. With a little creativity and a dress I had already purchased from Target as inspiration, I made this absolutely perfect dress for Chelsea.
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One thing my sister Becky has always told me is to, as a mother, make sure I take time to continue cultivating my talents and abilities. I am so glad that I listened to her advice. Being a mom is tough work and very, very time consuming, but sewing is something that I love to do, and when you love to do something, you make time for it.
My advice to anyone who wants to learn how to sew is to not give up! If you want to learn how to sew well, commit yourself to it. Don’t give up on the project because it’s the seventh time you’ve had to pick out that dang seam! With each picked stitch, you’re learning. Don’t get (too) frustrated with yourself and just keep at it! There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your little one run around in a special dress you made especially for her.
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