May 24, 2013
First off, I'd like to announce that I am currently writing this post while my daughter is happily distracting herself (and listening to Michael Jackson). YES! Let me tell you, it is so satisfying that my daughter has now gotten to a point where she can be happy playing by herself for more than 5 or 10 minutes. Not that I don't like to play with my daughter, but hey! A mom's gotta have some time to do her own thing, too!
I was watching a TV show yesterday and observing the characters go through their struggles and overcome them and I thought to myself, "You know, when I first saw this show, I really didn't think 'so-and-so' was very pretty, but now that I've kind of gotten to know her, I can see certain physical traits in her that really are beautiful." As I pondered over this revelation, it came to me that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.
That being said, try and see the beauty within as I share with you my version of fashion through the years. I'll spare you (and myself) the close up images.

I'll begin with 5th grade because that's when I kind of started caring about my fashion.

Remember the choker necklaces?

Slicked back pony tail and over-sized uniform. I think the person who measured me thought my chest would grow a lot more than it actually did...

Three-barreled on top and flipped out on bottom. Part in the middle.

Trying to get a little volume in my hair with a pony tail and a part.

Remember those clunker shoes?

What the? Side ponytail?! Yes. That was a phase.

So was the super-tight shirts with store logo plastered on the front.
Oh! And anyone notice the lace tee showing just below the edge of the shirt? Remember that?

And, of course, we can't forget the puffy vests!

Looking back at these photos, of course we all can have a good laugh, none laughing harder than myself, but here's what I've learned. Fashion changes so much over time, whether it's super-tight shirts, baggy pants, puffy vests, or all of them together. I think of how silly I look to myself now and wonder what I'll think of myself in 10 more years, but that's not really what's important, is it? For me, the purpose of fashion is to make us feel good about ourselves and help build our confidence. I know that I feel much more confident (and have a much better attitude) when I'm wearing something that I think makes me look good. Fashion is what we decide it is, and in the end, it's all just an opinion. Let people judge if they want. Who died and made them the queen of all that is fashion? It's your life, it's your body, and it's your style. Live it. Wear it. Love it.


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  1. Oh my goodness! You might as well pull up my pictures growing up because they will look very similar! I'm so glad I grew out of those phases... haha. I love your blog, just found it today!


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