May 22, 2013
Hey all! I know I haven't posted a tutorial in a long wile, but I promise one is on the way. There is a lot going on in the Sue-Drew household right now that's keeping us pretty busy, but I'll tell you about that later. Instead, today, I'm going to post my top five most useful items that I have made since beginning this blog.

Item 1: CRIB SET
This is where I feel like I really started blossoming in my sewing. I learned how to create my own patterns and simply take careful measurements to create something the way I want it. I had to get really creative when I got stuck in binds, but it's all part of the journey! It's the perfect centerpiece of a nursery and is totally customizable to your own style. And, of course, Chelsea sleeps in it every day so it has been VERY useful!

This towel apron may be my favorite item of all! It was really easy to make, really affordable, and has brought me some of the most joy as a mother. Chelsea is a very busy little person so any time that I have to cuddle with her head against my chest (even if it's just to keep warm), is welcomed. I. Love. It. Available in my Etsy shop for those less inclined towards sewing.

Before this lovely clutch, my bag was a mess. Now? Much better. Plus, if I'm ever out and about and Chelsea has a need for clean, I just whip this bad boy out and changer her wherever. Seriously. It's cute, useful and practical. This item is a little more difficult to make, but so worth it. Also available in my Etsy shop.

Every time I look in the back seat of my car and see this, my heart grows wings and flutters inside. Seriously. It makes me so happy to see it. It looks so good in my backseat and even the husband likes it, but more so for the protection it provides for the car. Available in the shop!

Although I don't use this item every day, I had to post it as one of my favorites. It makes me feel so good to see her in this cute little dress and think to myself, "I made that!" I certainly have blossomed in my sewing and love it dearly! I love the color, the bow in back, and it's really difficult to find little girl dresses with pleats (and after making this, now I know why). Visit the  shop for color and size options.
I am really looking forward to the next couple of weeks. Here's what you can expect:
  • Fashion post
  • Artistic photo shoot with someone other than my daughter
  • Skirt sewing tutorial
  • New dress design
  • And probably some more family stuff
Can't wait to get the next couple of weeks started! See you then!



  1. ah LOVE all of these baby items!!!
    especially all the chevron! it makes me so happy :)

    The DayLee Journal

    1. Thanks Marsa! What a cute blog you've got going on over at the DayLee Journal! Lovin' your fashion!


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