May 6, 2013
Monday, Monday! Only two days left to enter the birth-month giveaway for the camera strap! Don't forget you can have multiple entries, so hop to it!
We had such a great weekend! It was Chelsea's birthday last week and we had such a good time! I really wanted to make it a special day for her so I made sure that I made time to do her favorite things! Here's a list of some of her favorites:

1. Chelsea loves any and all food, so I'm not sure I can honestly say French Toast is her favorite breakfast food, but she certainly does like it!
2. Her favorite blanket is the crocheted pink and white blanket that Oma made her, although the yellow crocheted blanket and the blue crocheted blanket can sometimes work as stand-ins.
3. Her favorite color is pink.
4. Her favorite toy to play with is her ball.
5. Her favorite game is peek-a-boo or tickle monster.
6. Chelsea loves to dance! When music comes on, she will either head bang, tap dance, or twirl in circles.
7. Her favorite book is a baby book that the hospital gave us. Go figure.
8. Her favorite friends are Daniel and Quin (boys. I'm in trouble)
9. Her favorite thing to do is run/walk quickly.
10. Her favorite thing to put in her mouth is anything, especially rocks and other nature made items.
11. Her favorite word is "tickle."
12. Her favorite fingers are her middle and ring finger on the right hand, which she sucks on to sooth herself.
13. Her favorite song that Mommy sings is "Itsy Bitsy Spider," "Old McDonald," "Edelwiess" or "I Love to See the Temple."
14. Her favorite bit of mischief is climbing.
15. Her favorite snack is banana.
16. Her favorite place to be is wherever Mommy is.
17. Her favorite time of day is cuddle time with Mommy, or whenever "Dada" comes home.
18. Her favorite place to play is the swimming pool.
19. Her favorite outfit is whatever she has on.
20. Her favorite pass-time is smiling.

So on her birthday, I tried to incorporate all of these things, to make it a really special day for her! We ate French Toast for breakfast, wore an early birthday present, climbed up the stairs to play outside (and eat rocks), sang her favorite songs, went swimming, played with Quin, greeted Daddy when he got home, ate pizza, and then started the birthday celebration.
We decided to celebrate and Andrew's grandparent's house. It was a small get-together with just the three of us, Uncle Karl, Aunt Kara, and my cousin, Liz, who I convinced to get off the train headed south and get on the train headed north to come to our little party.

Chelsea loved all of her presents, but the soccer ball and the blocks were definitely a hit (both gifts from Daddy)!

The cake was the best part. Chelsea was hesitant about leaving her toys and sitting at the table, but the candle quickly got her attention...

In the wrong way. Before you could say "Birthday," Chelsea had extinguished the candle with her hand. Poor thing.

Nothing that Mommy and a bit of chocolatey cake can't fix! She literally dug right in!

All-in-all, it was a good first birthday, and I'm so glad we got to celebrate with family! Don't forget about the birth-month giveaway and I'll be back on Wednesday to reveal the next giveaway item for week 2! Later.


click here for Chelsea's 1-year photos


  1. I really wanted to be your 100th follower, but 99th will have to do. Love your blog! Chelsea is so cute!

    1. Thanks, Char! So glad you are my 99th! Welcome to Chevron & Lace!

  2. What a wonderful detailed list. I dont know why 11 made me giggle xD Too cute! Sounds like a great birthday!

    1. Thanks, Crissy! You should hear her say it! It sounds more like "diggle."


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