March 20, 2013
Remember on Friday how I posted about some finds on Pinterest? Do you remember the one of the outfit I said I would re-create if I had the funds? Well, turns out I already had most of the outfit and I had a few bucks to spare... At the local thrift store! Love my thrift finds! The funniest thing happened, though... The moment I put on that jean jacket, I started feeling this nostalgia... For the 90s! I was born in 1990 so I felt right at home in my jean jacket. This is my new favorite outfit. Fo sho. So here's my re-creation.

 photo 448e8b75-e562-435b-ab63-f63dae77171e_zpsbae11eaa.jpg

 photo c71ad925-15e1-4713-9bb8-78ca4893465d_zps05b9fe2e.jpg

 photo 5f9300cb-e0bb-430b-bbc3-037a256695f1_zps2bf6c08f.jpg

 photo 18425eb2-530b-4e22-a608-62b1e0f95eec_zps8d97a9dd.jpg

 photo af1d9970-2bde-4e1c-9eaa-25a59d35d2f0_zps80bcb448.jpg

 photo c3ac5986-cf62-4f25-9050-b9629a489cf2_zps1a2b15ac.jpg

 photo ea4904cc-3e99-4df2-85f7-b89f55292ade_zps9311baf3.jpg

Jean Jacket - thrift store
Eggs in nest necklace - homemade
Shirt - homemade
Belt - thrift store
Pants - Urban Outfitters
Boots - amazon find

I am SO excited about the spring coming. It's kinda like fall, but better. Looking forward to the light, airy fabrics and COLOR! What are you looking forward to this spring?

*Photography talent courtesy of Mariasha Rowland.


  1. Love this outfit. I can't believe you found a lot of it at a thrift store. I think I know where I am going this Saturday :)

    1. Well, I didn't find ALL of it at the thrift store, but a couple of things!

  2. cute! I thought about making those eggs in nest necklaces for mothers day for my mom and mom-in-law--are they pretty easy?

    1. They are really easy and I bet your mom and mom-in-law would love them!


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