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March 13, 2013
When you're just a year out of college and barely getting your feet under you, not a lot of exciting stuff happens in the "new big items" department. Oh, I'm not complaining, though! Being the youngest (and only slightly spoiled... slightly...) and having wise, vigilant parents, I was well-aware that there is a tendency for girls in my position to want to have everything they had while growing up when their parents already had their finances and everything figured out, and they want it all right away. Not necessarily because their spoiled, but because they've got this expectation and view of how married life should be. I assume that's how other girls in my position think sometimes.
In any case, I was aware of that danger and so I've tried really hard to fight it. Sometimes I fail and go into this miserable state where I just want to cry because of what I don't have. Then I just remember something I read on Pinterest. "Sometimes I get sad, but then I remember how awesome I am and get over it." So that's basically what I do.
Anyway, so  back to what I was trying to say. Not a lot of exciting stuff happens in the "new big items" department. Well, ever since Andrew got his job, we've been setting a little aside for a car and finally, we got one!

I absolutely love it! Our old car was a two door and not exactly ideal for getting Chelsea in and out (when I say "not ideal," I mean it sucked). It's not a new car, but it's a new-to-us car and it's almost exactly like my mom's car she got a few years back so I either feel really mature driving it, or like a teenager just borrowing it for the day.
Now I'm not clean freak, but I do like to keep my things neat and tidy, plus I know leather seats can get pretty beat up by baby car seats. I came up with this for a solution... Alright, alright, I got the idea off of Pinterest, but I altered it to fit my own specifications.

The Car Seat Protector!

I love it! Every time I look in the back of the car and see it, it makes me happy! It looks professional and, most importantly, it protects the seat! I had to cut a chunk out of the side for the car seat anchor to be able to go through, but that doesn't interfere with the protection of the seats at all. It wasn't too difficult, but it was a little time consuming. Lucky for you, it's in my Etsy shop for a great price, but for you DIYers, I'll give you a quick run down of how I did it.

Materials needed:
Laminated fabric (you can buy laminated fabric from etsy or make it yourself)
Quilter's Binding
Double Fold Bias tape (mine was extra wide)

Figure out how wide and how long you want your seat protector to be (mine is 18x47") and cut your fabric to those measurements, using a plate to give you nice curves around the corners. The print on my fabric was sideways so I had to cut two pieces to fit. Hold the piece(s) up to the car seat (on the same side you want it to be when you're done) to decide how far in to cut the chunk out for the car seat anchor. Sew the two pieces together (if you have two pieces) then pin your bias tape all the way around. Add the quilter's binding to the top by sewing it to the bias and letting it extend from the point where the top corner of your seat protector stops curving. Do this on both sides of the top. Sew your Velcro to that. Voila! C'est fini!

Disclaimer: Most manufacturers and safety specialists say that placing something thin (like a thin towel) under a seat is okay, but check with your car seat manufacturere and up to date car seat safety info to make sure. Also most fires stations will check your car seat for you to make sure it is installed correctly. See more at:

Please stop by my Etsy shop and check it out! I've got a few other items there that you'll want to check on as well! Maybe you can leave a comment and tell me which one you like best? Hope to see you there!


This product is Chelsea approved!

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  1. i have a honda accord (older for sure) and i LOVE it. i told Andrew when we get another car it has to be an SUV for me and cause I have the kids....but when his dies I want another honda accord. i LOVE it. it looks GREAT! congrats :)

  2. The car seat cover is super cute! Such a great idea, I totally need one now for my little girl :)

  3. Congrats on the new car!! That is so fun! And I am so happy for you that you now have a 4-door car. Lifting carseats with big babies in them into a 2-door is very tricky. The seat protector is way cute, too. I love working with laminated fabric. I re-made a high chair cover out of one, and it was so much fun to work with & very forgiving :)

    Chelsea is getting so big. I can't believe she is almost 1!

    1. Thanks Kim! You inspired me. I just finished a high chair cover in laminated fabric and I'm really glad I did! Chelsea had her first real throw-up experience the other day while she was in it. I think she might have eaten a little too much! Good thing she was wearing her extra long bib and there was a towel beneath her!


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