March 5, 2013
One of my lovely blogging friends, Jamey from simply animated, posted this F.I.V.E. blog post on her blog and I thought, why not? Although, I'm not sure what the F.I.V.E. stands for... Maybe I'll make something up as I go?

F. Fandidilytastic is one of my favorite words to use. It seems to always catch everyone off guard and gets me a laugh or two in the process. I use it in phrases such as, "Have a fandidilytastic day," or in answer to another's query about the status of my day thus far.

I. If I were ever to do something illegal, it would probably be something super stellar. Like, oh I don't know, throwing something off a bridge or spying on a supposed member of the Black Spee-ider. Ever heard of those guys? Neither have I, but spying is illegal, right?

V. I have a voracious appetite when it comes to avocados (guacamole in particular) and this incredible salad I made last night with mandarin oranges, spinach, red leaf romaine lettuce, bacon, and avocado, all drizzled over with raspberry vinaigrette. Mmmmm... It was breathtaking... Because I couldn't get a breath in my 50 miles per hour sprint of eating.

E. I never understood one of the funniest lines from "Get Smart" until I went to college and learned what "Existentialism" meant.
"In fact, your essay on existentialism was quite amazing."
"I left that section blank."
"Blank? Brilliant."
I am a movie quote-er. My whole family is. We love movies. Some of our favorites are "Three Amigos," "Condorman," and "What About Bob?" If any of you have seen "Condorman," you get an automatic cyber high five and please leave a comment. I would like to know that my family and I aren't the only ones in the world.

! And just because I'm pretty sure there are supposed to be five fun facts, here's a really good one... ANOTHER GIVEAWAY IS COMING UP SOON! I'm not exactly sure when, but it's gonna be soon, so if you missed out on the last one, don't miss out on this one and tell your friends! My goal is to get 100+ followers before the end of the year and I am almost there!

Hope that was interesting enough for you! If you have a blog, feel free to pass this lovely link-up along! I'm sure that Miss Jamey would be thrilled to get to know you, as would I. Have a great rest of your day and I'll see you later this week!



  1. That salad sounds fandidilytastic! Thanks for linking up Sue!

  2. Lol! Love this and I especially like your new word. I might just have to start using it.

  3. just found your blog and i'm so glad i did! i love this, so cute. you're cute, and i can't wait to get to know you more!! :)


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