In a Letter to my Daughter

March 11, 2013
It's been a while since I wrote a poem so here is one for you, and this one is special. Remember the Mom Box I told you about a few posts ago? I wrote a letter for my first little note for Chelsea and had a sweet little experience doing it. The poem explains what happened.

In a Letter to my Daughter

I wrote a letter to my daughter today
And ended it with “Love,”
When all at once, a revelation.
I’ll explain what I’m speaking of.

In my letter, I wrote of two heartbeats
That beat together as one.
Of the bond we shared between us,
Like the bond of father and son.

I wrote that I would love her
No matter what should come.
I asked her to always remember
Where her heart would always be home.

The moment I signed my name,
I felt a warmth inside.
A deep, eternal, everlasting love,
Within my heart did abide.

I was reminded that this title,
Though used in many ways,
Is sacred and a blessing
For women to use each day.

This prestigious, yet modest name
Is sometimes hidden by others,
But brings more love and joy than any.
I am humbled to be a Mother.

We visited the park today with our friends Mariasha and Quinn (you know, the fine lady who takes almost all of my pictures?). So glad the weather is getting nicer! Chelsea loved the wobbly bridge and slide, but we might have to wait awhile for the swing. Oh. And it only took two seconds out of the stroller and out of Mom's arms for the sand to go off of the ground and into Chelsea's mouth. That's my girl!


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