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August 29, 2016
As a mom, I feel like I'm stuck in the middle of one of those big ball pits they used to have at McDonalds, but instead of balls, it's toys. If you're a mom, I'm sure you can relate.

Why my kiddos need so many toys, I don't know, and how we keep accumulating toys when I regularly go through and throw out or giveaway the ones we don't use anymore, is a total mystery. In fact, poor Alexa didn't even get any real toys for her birthday because we are practically swimming in them (she got a book and some homemade sock puppets instead #momoftheyear).

Anyway, when it comes to toys and interests, I feel like my kids have A MILLION! And they go through phases, although there are a few that hold true like coloring, painting, playing pretend with beanie babies, and the doll house that was mine when I was a kid. But the best toys are the ones that mom and dad have an interest in playing with, too, because when it comes to play time, most kid's favorite toys are their parents.

So here are a few of our favorite toys to play with together:

DUPLO LEGOS | MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - we like to create farms, make towns, towers, sort colors, etc. and who doesn't want to be a part of a band?

MARBLE RUNNER - seriously. so fun.

BOOKS - my kids love a good story and this 5 minute star wars story book is definitely one that I don't mind reading often!

PAINTING | ART - we like to paint with water colors, or just color with crayons. it's especially fun when we draw pictures for other people!

BLOCK TRAIN - Barrett loves sucking on all the different shape, color, and size blocks and it's fun for the older girls to switch up the blocks and wheel it around, too!


ACTION FIGURES | BEANIE BABIES - i love listening to their imaginations and different voices as they play with + speak for their little characters and be honest... you still have your beanie babies, don't you?

One thing that CAN NOT be denied is how much fun it is to watch your kids play and to have a good time, but that "good time" part doesn't always apply, as was apparent this weekend at Chelsea's first soccer game.

This pic seriously CRACKS ME UP! You never know how your kiddo's going to react to a new situation! It wasn't too long ago that this reaction to the game that Andrew and I both love more than any other would have got me down, but that's a post for another day. Let's just say, my expectations aren't set to "perfect" anymore, and that's been good for me and my daughter.

As for the "Mommy Style" part of this post, I'd say the best style you can sport when playing with your kids is your bright-eyed smile (or goofy face), because kids don't care what you're wearing. All they care about is that you're present and that you're making time for them exclusively. They grow so quickly, and someday, they're not going to want to play with Legos or marble runners anymore. Don't look at playtime as an inconvenience or an interruption of the projects you want to get done. Appreciate those moments and make them happen. I know I'm going to try harder to do that this week, and I invite you to join in with me!

I do have to say that these overalls are def one of my staple pieces and perfect for playtime with all those pockets! I'm a fan.

Now before you get all choked up and teary-eyed and rush to your kid's room to demand that they play with you RIGHT NOW, stop by these other lovely mama's blogs and see what they have to say about their kiddos and toys!

And if you want to join in on the collaboration next time, be sure to stop by Kiana or Madeline's blogs to signup! It's really fun. You should do it.

Good luck this week! Hopefully it's full of fun and quality time with your family because put those two things together, and you've got Heaven.


  1. That picture of Chelsea's soccer game is absolutely priceless!

  2. I love this! I am thinking I'll get Nathan some Duplos for his birthday in a few weeks. And I love that little block train!

    1. I just finished making a farm with Chelsea out of duplos! Nathan (and you) will love having them!

  3. Snap chat, made me laugh! You have such a beautiful blog. So glad I found you through this series!

    1. Thank you Monica! I'm about to go read about you!
      It is so funny how tech savvy these kiddos are!

  4. I love all of your picks! And I won't lie, I'm excited for my littles to get old enough to participate in sports and other activities. It'll be so fun(ny) to watch how they react to different situations!

    1. I think the best way to go into those activities is without expectations of "greatness." Maybe your kid will be great, and maybe they'll flop with their faces in the grass and cry. 😅 Either way, it is fun! Thanks for the comment!


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