Alexa's 2nd birthday!

August 5, 2016

**WARNING! This post is PACKED with photos because we basically had 3 birthday parties for this cute little gal!**

She is TWO!!! It kind of feels like she's been there forever, actually. Haha!

We had so much fun on Alexa's birthday! Chelsea decorated while I made our traditional Birthday Waffle Breakfast and I'm the only one who put Strawberries on mine because my children are weird and don't like Strawberries. But they will DEFINITELY eat up that whipped cream and syrup!

We followed up breakfast with a trip to the duck pond. Those ducks must not have had breakfast yet because once we got close in our stroller, they completely SURROUNDED US! I gotta admit... I was a little freaked out. Haha. But then we got used to them and it was fine.

We went to our favorite soda place, then home for a nap, to the swimming pool, then home for dinner and the birthday celebration! You're going to love what I got Alexa for her birthday.

That's right! Sock puppets I made from some of Andrew's old socks! I'm such a cool mom. In my defense, I did make her a birthday dress and we got her a book, too! And hey! She seemed to like them.

Good thing we had a small celebration a week before with Grammy and Grandma Wilson, and my mom came the next day and brought way better presents, too.

she wanted wear every item of clothing given to her!

CLEARLY my enthusiasm is contagious.

Anyway, after opening presents, we had cake! I made this really yummy White Chocolate Raspberry Bundt Cake, which was DELICIOUS and convenient because it didn't require ANY decoration, because I'm not very food-artistic.

We love our little Alexa. She cracks us up on the daily and DOES NOT hold grudges. I am so grateful she is in our family!

To read more about our little Flower and see pictures of her birthday dress, click here.

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  1. Such sweet photos!!! Those sock puppets are so dang cute!!

    1. Thanks! Haha! The sock puppet that's entirely eyes (it's a monster) is my favorite. 😂


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