Play time + Half a Year?!

August 11, 2016

I think you know what I'm going to say. But I'm going to say it anyway.


I don't know what the big rush is, Little Cub. Why don't you slow down a bit? Stay little just a bit longer. There's plenty of time for you to learn how to crawl and get mobile, although I do understand the sense of urgency you feel when Alexa tries to sit on you or Chelsea is carrying you all around the house in a less than comfortable manner.

Oftentimes I feel like you're the one thing that your sisters can agree on. They love you so much. Alexa is ALWAYS getting into trouble opening your bedroom door while you're napping and waking you up, and Chelsea prides herself on her ability to make you laugh.

I wish I could secretly capture the look in your camera-shy Daddy's eyes on camera when he plays with you. He is so proud of you! As am I.

I hope I never forget the way your eyes grow wide when you're presented with a colorful toy, or that big smile you greet me with every morning, even though you're hungry. It starts my day off on the right foot. I love the way you giggle when I tease you and even your boyish cries!

I hope you keep that wide-eyed-wonder and patience. You are the peace-keeper in our home. Even when you're the one with the most reason to be crying and throwing a fit because you haven't eaten in hours, you somehow remain the only cool and composed person in the house! (sometimes)

You still spit-up more than your sisters did COMBINED! You wake up one or two times in the night to eat still, and I can probably start you on solids now, but I'm resisting time. It just doesn't feel like it's really been 6 months already!

You make me feel so special, Little Cub. You look at me with those big brown eyes (Daddy's eyes) like I'm the most beautiful creature you've ever seen and your dimpled smile (only in the right cheek!) melts my heart. Every. Time.

You are a very special person, Barrett. Before you were born, I was praying one night and telling our Heavenly Father about my concerns about raising a son. I didn't know what to expect. Boys just seemed so foreign to me. As I prayed, I had the impression that the baby boy that Heavenly Father was sending me was a very special one. From that moment on, I knew that you were going to change, and bless my life.


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