Photos with Barrett – Dad and details

April 8, 2016
Picking my favorite pictures from this shoot was seriously like picking my favorite child. Not only is it impossible, it also is something that just shouldn't be done.

Therefore, I have decided that instead of barraging you with a million photos all at once, I'll split it up! So today, you're getting photos of Barrett with Dad!

Nothing quite like the relationship between a dad and his boy.

And now for the details!

So, ever since Barrett was born, Andrew and I have noticed how strong his little neck is! At two weeks old, he was lying on his tummy and a few moments later, I looked back over at him and he was on his back. No. Joke. I could hardly believe it, but then, he did it again the other day (April 5)! I was working on the computer and he was on his tummy on the floor next to me. I look back a minute later, and he's on his back! He's also really good at using his little legs to scoot himself around on his tummy, not intentionally, but still... Strong little guy!

He's been smiling a lot recently, too and he's got the cutest little dimple on his right cheek! I am so in love!

His eyes are looking like they'll probably be brown like his daddy's, but sometimes they look like they could be green. I just think it would be so fun if he had green eyes because then we'd have one child with brown eyes, one with blue, and one with green!

He has managed to escape the sticky-out ears from the Stange genes (so far, as Andrew always points out).

His cry is still so soft and sweet, like a pig's squeal. Haha! It really does sound like a pig squeal, though.

He's been sleeping pretty well at night, thank goodness for swaddle blankets to keep their arms from flailing out and spooking themselves (I love that little babies do that!) I probably wake up 1-3 times at night to feed him, which I don't consider bad. He's still in our room, but only until we get Alexa's bed all figured out in Chelsea's room. It's fun having him bunk in with us, but it is a little crowded.

We're blessing him on Sunday this week and I made him a cute blue corduroy vest... thaaaaaat turned out to be too small. Haha! If I feel like it, I'll make him a new one that actually fits. I made myself a floral midi skirt that I am SO excited to show you all! It turned out exactly the way I wanted it to!

Anyway, things are really great. We all love having baby Barrett in our home with us and are handling it pretty well in my opinion. I'll have to write about how the girls are doing with the little guy in another post.

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